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Coley Brown - Deeper Than Night

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Deeper Than Night looks into the quiet chaos of the transitional moment when dark begins to overtake light, when clear boundaries between objects, elements and states begin to dissolve: water droplets form motionless constellations in the air, sparks draw whirring patterns against the sky, stars hang ember-like in nebulous fields, blue-black rocks glisten like globs of wet tar, and a lone wave pushes through the land.  ...We do not seek answers, but hang, like droplets of water or floating embers, in the undifferentiated states of intensity we encounter in the dark: hopeful at a glow but fearful of its waning; in awe at the quiet plashing of water upon rock but sensitive to how its coldness seeps into us. As our eyes and ears adjust, we are increasingly aware that a near-silent drip can become a deafening roar, and the faint glimmer of light on leaves can become blindingly brilliant.
- Excepts of an essay by Nich Hance McElroy on Deeper Than Night. 

Published in 2016
64 Pages, Color Offset
Clothbound, Hardcover
1st Edition of 600 copies

Art in America