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Olaf Breuning - Faces

Olaf Breuning - Faces


Olaf Breuning - Faces

Olaf Breuning’s Faces plays against the ubiquitous language of today’s social media photography, creating an extensive cast of characters that emerge out of mundane domestic scenes: making breakfast, dinner leftovers, frost collecting on a window pane, taking out the garbage, a puddle of rain. Each page, an anthropomorphic face that both regards and projects the viewer, is an expression of everyday chaos and kismet – as long as we’re willing to take a look.

Combining a substantial 496 pages of photographs with a compact 7x7 inch square format, Faces will be released in the fall of 2019 by Los Angeles based publisher Silent Sound in a limited first edition run of 1000 copies, each book featuring it’s own unique cover. The playful design invites an organic and unpredictable re-arrangement
of the work in essentially endless combinations by the viewer. 

496 pages
7 x 7 inches
First Edition of 1000
ISBN 978-0-9906507-6-8

*Each copy features unique front and back cover*

Olaf Breuning - Faces Image 2 Olaf Breuning - Faces Image 3 Olaf Breuning - Faces Image 4 Olaf Breuning - Faces Image 5
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